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In 2002, well into midlife, I did a turnabout and became a pagan, then subsequently, a Wiccan.  Having left behind my birth religion in my late 20’s, I had very little trouble shifting my belief system.  Wicca brought me back to my hippie youth, as well as awakening the goth that was lurking inside me.

Witchcraft has become ingrained in me.  I am a solitary practitioner, self taught, well read on the subject, and highly eclectic.  As I’ve gotten older, my magical practice has become very laid back, and I don’t concern myself with elaborate rituals or using all the tools that I once rushed out to acquire.

I love the dark aesthetic of witchcraft.  I love all the trappings of a goth lifestyle, with the exception of the clothing.  On me, that is.  I’m too old to pull that off.  I love the art, the literature, the music, and the practices of the goth subculture.

This blog will, of course, reflect my witchcraft practice and goth lifestyle.  However, I do live in the same world as everyone else, so it will also be about everyday life too.


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