Balancing Hippie and Goth

As stated succinctly in the tagline of my blog title, I’m an enigma.  If you look that word up at, you find this definition: “a person of puzzling or contradictory character.”  I think that describes me pretty well, as does the title of this blog, Gothic Hippie.  Let me explain.

In 2004, at a relatively advanced age, I became a pagan, and subsequently, a Wiccan.  This bold move on my part did two things.  First, it conjured up (pun intended) all the old hippie tendencies of my youth.  I was an earthy kid, who in middle and high school wore bell bottoms and army jackets with peace sign and ecology flags sewn on it.  I was highly influenced by Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, which ignited the environmental movement.

Sadly, after high school, I got all caught up in the me generation of the 1980’s, and conveniently forgot about my youthful causes.  Wicca brought that back.

Secondly, Wicca awakened my goth side.  I had always had interests in macabre things, such as horror movies (atmospheric, not Freddy Krueger), vampires, dark mythologies, hauntings, etc.  When I began meeting people in the witchcraft community, I became familiar with the goth subculture.  I found that I had a lot of common interests with those folks, and I explored further.  I found more interests and practices that I enjoyed.  Over the course of the past six years, this way of looking at life has become as ingrained in me as my hippie outlook.

I suppose it’s not as diametrically opposed as it appears at first glance.  The hippie movement was a counterculture opposition to the establishment, as is the goth culture.  Without the hippie movement, there might not have been a goth subculture.  They are both cultures that eschew societal norms.  It can cause me a degree of mental tug-of-war at times, but normally it’s a fairly easy balance.

I have tried blogging a few times, both under a Wiccan premise.  Honestly, I found it difficult to write about Wicca or witchcraft all the time.  With this blog, I feel I can talk about a wide range of stuff, both magical and mundane.  If you are reading this, I hope you’ll stop by again!

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